Arancini Amore was created by Davide Colacci and Vanessa Giglio in 2012. Having already worked in the food industry, we were intent on combining our unique skills, and as a result, Arancini Amore was born. Determined to combine our love for food and adoration of the Italian culture, with innovation worthy enough for todays modern take on cuisine, Arancini took on a whole new meaning.

Traditionally, Arancini (which literally translates into English to mean “little orange”) are cooked rice balls coated with breadcrumbs that are said to have originated in Sicily. According to Italian tradition, you can expect to find cheese, or meat and peas in the middle with tomato sauce. This is a time consuming, hand made treat that can be found in bakeries and sandwich shops all around the world. In order to stand out from the rest, we decided to step it up a notch, and use fresh high quality ingredients to create stimulating new combinations and flavors.

Since our operation began, we’ve united our mouth-watering product with our outstanding customer service skills, to create an experience for our customers that is unparalleled. We invite our customers to indulge in our ever-changing selection of Arancini, at an outstanding and guaranteed value. Call us today and ask how you can enjoy the real taste of Italy!

Our Cuisine

Our Cuisine

Traditional Italian home cooked food usually starts in one place, the kitchen. Using only fresh ingredients to make everything from scratch allows our customers to distinguish our Arancini from all the others.

All of our Arancini are made by hand, to-order. We do this so that our product is never frozen, and so its quality never suffers. Our homemade tomato sauce is also made to order so that whether you taste it in the Arancini, or whether you have it on the side, it tastes like it just came out of the pot. One taste and you’ll understand why we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy our wide selection of flavors and be prepared to fall in “amore” with our Arancini!

Seasonal Special

Seasonal Special

  • $4
    Per Piece

    Veal Parmigiana -
    Breaded veal cutlet served in
    our homemade tomato sauce

  • $5.50
    Per Piece

    Chicken Breast in a white
    wine mushroom sauce

  • $30
    Small Tray

    Grilled Vegetable Platter -
    Includes grilled and seasoned Zucchini,
    Eggplant, and Sweet Peppers
    Feeds 10-12 people

  • $25
    Small Tray

    Mixed Green Salad -
    A Mixture of Romaine Lettuce, Radicchio,
    Cucumbers and tomatoes
    Feeds 10-12 people

  • $25
    Small Tray

    Peas and Mushrooms
    Feeds 10-15 people

  • $25

    Bean Salad -
    Chick Peas, White Beans, and Black Beans. Feeds 10-15


    Oreo Balls (20) -
    Oreo Cookie mixture rolled into balls and dipped in milk chocolate

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